Step by Step Guide on How to make money on Webtalk

/Step by Step Guide on How to make money on Webtalk
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Note: This is an educational purpose only. You have the freedom to apply the steps below or not.

Step 1: Register a Webtalk Account

Joining Webtalk is an invite-only, just click my profile link here and you will automatically be accepted for your registration.

Step 2: What is Webtalk?

Please take time to get to know more about Webtalk affiliate commission by watching the video below:

Step 3: How you will Earn Big Time!


A. Webtalk is Beta testing.

B. Webtalk needed Beta testers.

C. Webtalk is awarding ALL Beta testers (no longer limited to the first 1M) with up to 50% revenue share for LIFE, not just on the users you invite/refer who join DURING the Beta, but also the ones who join AFTER Beta testing within their 5-Tier referral network.

D. Users who join Webtalk AFTER the Beta, when we officially launch the affiliate program and start paying commissions, will only receive revenue share on their DIRECT referrals… but you will continue to earn through all 5-Tiers as they grow.

***In short, if people aren’t willing to join as a Beta tester at the early stages, and help grow the community, then they will miss out on the 5-Tier commission plan.

E. In order to qualify to earn 10% revenue share commissions on your direct referrals, your profile must be 100% complete. (This needs to be done prior to collecting a commission payment, but we will hold your commissions until it is completed so they aren’t lost)

F. In order to qualify to earn 10% revenue share commissions on your indirect referrals (Tiers 2-5), you must directly invite/refer ONE (1) user who upgrades their FREE account to a Pro account (after Pro features have been released- coming soon)

***In short, if you help bring a (1) customer to Webtalk, we share up to 50% of our revenue with you for the chain reaction of referrals to help to create.

NOTE: If YOU upgrade your free account, it helps the person WHO INVITED YOU to Webtalk. This is an affiliate program, you are not allowed by law to buy yourself into the 5-Tier commission plan. Referral customers in your household are also excluded from counting as your one (1) customer referral.

G. Commissions will NOT begin until Beta testing is completed

Webtalk needs to provide a FREE product that everyone wants (no bugs and works on all browsers with mobile apps) so your referrals stay and use it, awarding you with advertising revenue share commissions on the users who join for FREE.

H. There is no date set yet for coming out of Beta and launching the affiliate program. We had 1,300 open tickets (new features and bug fixes) one month ago. Now we have less than 300 open tickets (the harder tickets). Once these development tickets are cleared, we will launch Pro, Pages, Mobile Apps and finally SocialCPX.

However, after we launch Pro, Pages and Mobile apps we have to test those products and resolve any tickets before launching SocialCPX. It’s going to be a few months, but we are raising additional investment funding now so we can hire more engineers to speed up to process.

I. All users who have a completed profile and 1 Pro customer referral, after the launch of Pro features, will be considered Pre-Qualified for the 5-Tier commission plan. These users will be invited to help us private Beta test SocialCPX to make sure all of the numbers are adding up and all tracking is working correctly.

J. SocialCPX will be potentially processing billions of dollars in commission.

Note: Starting step 4 is the advance way on how to get referrals. You can start the basic by just simply asking your friends from facebook to follow you on webtalk and let them register under your referrals.

Step 4: Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective strategy to get hundreds to thousands of referrals under your account. Hire an email marketer that will gather targeted emails for you. The no.1 and best source for that is Fiverr.

Create an account and find the best offer in Fiverr to do the email gathering for you. This is an example of the best Email Marketing gig available, I will do up to 5000 verified linkedin email research .

Note: You have to wait days before your order will be completed. Once you already received your order after some few days, you can now proceed for the next step below.

Step 5: Create Email that Converts

Now this is the most crucial part. Before sending the emails you gathered from Fiverr, you need to create an effective email template that converts well. You can research on google and find some of the best email templates that will make your targeted audience to sign up to Webtalk.

Or you can order another gig like this from Fiverr, I will create email copy that converts.

Step 6: Send Bulk Email

This is the last part where magic happens. After you prepared and completed Step 4 and 5. You can now start sending those thousands of emails. You can send emails manually on your own or hire a professional to send bulk emails for you. You can order this gig to make your email marketing easy and smooth for you, I will drive and send 25million plus bulk email, email blast,email marketing campaign.

Good luck to you and start earning affiliate commission for life! There are also several tutorials available online, you just need to research and apply it carefully.


Bonus – Facebook Marketing

Watch this video and you will find new idea and income.